Are there any investors in Misouri?

Hey I was just wonderin’ if anybody knew of any investors here in Misoouri. I know of a lot in Texas but have only found one in Missouri so far.

Ben :slight_smile:

Hey Ben,

Take a drive around town and look for the “We Buy Houses” type of signs. Also you should find out if there is a local REI club near-by, that’s a great way to network. You may want to consider placing an inexpesive classified ad that seeks investors.

Good Luck


There is a company called Wealth Builders, Inc. located in Springfield, MO. They will give you a finder’s fee to be a bird dog. Do you know any in Texas that will give you a finder’s fee.


There are several groups in the St Louis ARea and the Kansas City area.

Not sure about the wealth builders group. I did attend a seminar once in Springfield along with several 100 other people through out the past few years and all report that this group is basically teaching carleton sheets course and when they promise that if you find them a house to buy that they will split the profits, but I have yet to find a person that has been able to find the perfect house that they want to buy. Not sure if it is the same people as the wealth builders in the last post.

If you do find a group I would check them out by calling some of the vendors that advertise on the web site to see if they are legit. Check with the better business bureau to see if they have any complaints against them. Do they offer a money back guarantee if you are dissattisfied? Unfortunatly anyone who reads a book or two can go into business and call themselves experts and hang up a shingle and start charging huge sums of money.

Some of the groups that I know of are posted here on somewhere or also on

Kim in KCMO