Are there any DFW TEXAS Investors here that dabble in new homes ? Lets Talk!

Hi I was wondering if there were any New or Senior Investors that have bought and rented out homes in the DFW Area? How’s that market in your opinion? What do you think about being hooked up with renters before you buy? Has that worked out with anyone? Thanks for your time and response!

Try some of the agents who would be associated with a Dallas real estate investment club.

Hey Dee!
Thanks so much for your responce.


I have 3 investors plus myself available throughout the Metroplex and North Texas. What is your exit program? Assignments?
Please, keep me advised of what you have available; especially in Colin and Denton Counties.

I know some commercial agents in DFW who are great. I think they do residential investments too, but they’re really good, so the buyer needs to be serious. I went to a conference in San Antonio this weekend and met some good agents.

Texas is so hot on investments that a lot of agents are learning the ropes.

David, My husband is a Realtor here in Ft.Worth, we live in the Mansfield area. Its hot!! I work in the Burleson area!!.
I am a builder’s Rep, and work for a huge national builder.I get alot of investor’s that pitch a GUAR/BUY/OUT for a customer that has a home to sell in order to buy ours.They use them for Sec 8 rentals… Or if they have bad credit but good income they will buy the home and rent it to them.
But the investors that want to be given the deal’s most of the time
have thier own realtors they want handleing the deal,but the problem is the client already has a realtor who does not want to let go of the client… So I just need some investors that want to be thrown a deal or two.
Where can I post my information for you? Like my contact number?

<<Where can I post my information for you? Like my contact number?>>

I sent you the link yesterday to the Forum Rules. In the rules, if you read them, it tells you how to post your contact (or whatever else) information in your “Member Default Signature”:

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