Are people always talking.......?

About other people? Like do they always have something to say about other folks behind their backs. It seems that way to me. I am always hearing people talking about folks when they are not around or they are talking about folks to the group of people they are with. It could be stuff said about another person’s personality, behavior, or they way they look that is not common to them. Do people still get talked about regardless of how normal they are or appear to be in the public? These people could have a great personality, normal behavior, and look just like a normal sane person and yet someone can find something strange about that person that even that person is unaware of themselves. Have you ever experienced this in your life? It gets worse because I have seen people laughing and talking together like the best of friends. As soon as one of them leave the scene, the other person starts saying things about the other friend’s back. What’s up with that?





It means there just mean!!!


I prefer that answer as opposed to the faces you and Hoosier up there are showing.





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Yes, tbodley, yes. People talk about people, always. People will talk about you no matter how you look, act, or anything. I don’t know how old you are, but everyone comes to that realization at some point in their life. Get used to it. Get tough. Quit caring what others think. Everyone is self involved anyways, no one really cares about you. Oh yeah, and everyone has problems. Serious problems. Not just you. So just be you, develop a good attitude, a poker face, and your morals, values and ethics, then abide by them and you will be fine. Just get a good rebound rate, if someone does something that bothers you, focus on getting back to your personal status quo, don’t get off tilt. Nobody knows you, only your projection of yourself, so project yourself however you want others to see you, or you can be quiet and let them do the projecting. Like that old saying goes, you can let others think you’re stupid or you can open your mouth and prove it. Good luck in REI, be tough!

you can let others think you're stupid or you can open your mouth and prove it.



couldnt resist the fun


Kind of an irreverant lot and tough crowd here, tbodley!


Human nature.

Be aware that if you ever do anything sleezy, everybody will know about it.

Ah yes. Word of mouth. Your best or worst advertising.

Yeah I noticed that from the start with all the silly faces in here. Who is that bosslady person talking like that? That is one tough cookie whoever she is.

Been through a lot. Be as tough as you are nice and it’ll pan out. I think you need a mentor. A tough love mentor.

Whatever it is you been through definitely shows in here.