Are old radiators in houses worth anything to sell? Do People by them?

I have heard that people pay $30 per “rung” or section. I do not know who would buy them.
I checked the entire board with search on radiators and found nothing. I have a bundh that I could sell.

Thanks for any help on this.

I don’t know what you can get for them but most scrap yards will pay you by the pound for them. Also be prepared for them to treat you like a thief. I had 10 stolen out of a property that I was selling and the 5k+ cost of replacement killed the deal.

Most of the old ones are cast iron. I’d like to have a dime for every old cast iron radiator or cast iron bathtub that I broke to pieces with a sledge hammer as a kid to take to the scrap yard.

Call a local scrap yard to get the spot price on cast iron…


Call a scrap yard??? Don’t even think about it.

First, get the lingo down. For top dollar, these are not old, they are “vintage”. And depending on the age, style, and design, can be highly prized. From Victorian homeowners to classic rehabbers, vintage cast iron radiators are in great demand and can sell in the hundreds to low thousands of dollars each. There are many companies that specialize in refurbishing old – oops sorry – vintage radiators and you could probably find several on line depending upon where you live. Refurbishment is typically done by sandblasting and spraying with a heat resistant paint.

Alternately, an architectural salvage yard would certainly be interested. You might visit one or two to get an idea of retail price and condition.

In the unlikely event your radiators are completely unusable, the knobs and other hardware can be valuable.

Here’s a link:,16417,1171946,00.html


Thank you for the info Monte, Keith and Jeff!!