Are Most Wholesalers Full of BS?

Just this morning I got a txt asking if I was a wholesaler. I replied yes I am, are you a wholesaler, and how long u been doing it and how many deals you done? The guy, I think it’s a guy, replies back that he’s been doing it for 9 months and done 2 deals a month and each one for $20,000 How bout you?

I’m thinking, Holy infidel, how much is that? over 300 Frikin Grand in 9 months?

Sure sounds like BS to me. I replied back, Wow, I been doing it for about 6 years and almost 50 deals. I told him I always scan my checks to prove my sh-t. Can you email photos of your checks and I’ll email u photos of mine? Cuz I have to see it to believe it.

Of course, no reply. Several other times I’ve had similar encounters, with outrageous claims and I’ve asked for photos of their checks with some lame ass excuses why they cudnt provide.

I’m proud to show my checks and prove what I say. What’s really entertaining is some have said after they seen my checks, “Well, you must be doing something illegal”.
Also a few of the wholesalers I’ve worked with are seriously sleezy and prone to lie,
I learned real quick to get everything in writing and signed.

Maybe we are bottem feeders, but hell…

I usually find wholesalers stretch the truth to me when they first try to get me on their list. Ive bought from several first time wholesalers who when first talking to them they acted like they were in the business for years. Only to go to closing on a deal and I have to walk them through everything (which is fine).

Id rather they just say they are new and I’d help them but I think they feel like we’re trying to steal their deals. Id much rather have a future partner on a deal than steal one deal away.

That being said I don’t get checks myself so no snapshots lol everything is wired. But it is funny

I am new to the real estate business. I am trying to build my cash buyers list because unfortunately some of us have to start from the bottom. And having no cash to invest we have to start wholesaling.

I have no deals yet but looking for properties is fun so far. Some investors when I tell them that I’m new and trying to build a list they don’t even want to talk anymore. Why is that?

I want to build good relationships with them but it’s hard. I don’t know why this is, since we’re all just trying to make money.

drojas, say this to investors. I have a fixer on contract for 55K and its worth 120K-140 after repairs.
Then see how nice and friendly they are. Bring some meat to the table pilgrim.

Every book and course says to get a buyers list first. WRONG. Much better to find deals first,
an ad on Craig’s List will get sh-t happening fast.

Going to agree with Rando here. I’ve gotten deals under contract for 10k and they didn’t sell and I’ve gotten houses under contract for 100k and sold them in three weeks. What I’ve never had a problem with was finding motivated buyers. If the price is right and the market is,strong enough it will sale. Me personally I find things like motivated lawyers much more difficult because I’m not lucky enough to have title companies in my state.

As much as texting helps with scaling in terms of communication, it also decreases the quality of communication. Some wholesalers are great. Others suck. Like any profession. But the whole texting thing can get dicey because you’re talking big numbers big profits and big decisions, over a text, to someone you’ve never met.

Vet who you work with at the end of the day!