Are lease options a bad investment approach?

After completing a lot of research on lease options I seem to be getting a lot of negitive responses (primarily from my title company). My title company has no problem working with me on these deals but seems to think this is a bad investment approach. How do you guys feel about this? Have you had similar responses?

Did they give an explanation as to why it’s a bad investment approach?

Yes. He seemed to think it was a complicated process and put a lot of liability on me. I still like the idea of doing lease options I just want to make sure I understand all the pros and cons.

Unless your in a state that has recently cracked down on LO’s (a’la Texas), I can’t see much downside into selling on a LO. I’ve heard some bad things about buying on a LO, tho.

As far as it being complicated, LO’s are nothing more than a residential lease along with an option to buy. Doesn’t seem all that complicated to me. Maybe the title company rep isn’t well informed on LO’s and has just heard horror stories.

Thanks for the input. I am in Maryland and I know there have been some new laws passed (not sure if they will effect lease options).