Are hard money lenders still out there?

I am new to real estate investing and want to flip a house.
I have tried traditional home mortgage but unable to qualify due to my credit score.
My option is to look for a hard money lender. I live in Houston, TX.
I have also tried searching on the web but I need to get some inside tips in you live in my area.
Need your help. Thanks in advance.

First try the links to the left. Investor Resources[/font] Hard Money Lenders

And when you are reading through the posts check out signature lines. you may find some posting here. The there is always the google search. You may have to flip back a few pages to get away from the “pay for a list” sites. (unless you want to pay for a list). is a mortgage originator site, but it may prove helpful.

The lowest acceptable credit score I have found from an HML was a 620 I think. It may have been 640. I have been looking for weeks myself. And the HML’s that didn’t have a posted credit requirement had minimum loans that were way larger than I needed. It depends on what you are wanting to do.

I may have a couple more let me know if you need them…

Thank you all for the reply.

My deal is that I find a property listed around $55,000 but market value is about $95,000 after fixing it. There is no major things to be done but only cosmetic. I would need someone to finance the deal and will work on the rehab and sell it for profit. Comparable houses in this neighborhood are selling for $105k and $110k average.

Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

My deal is that I find a property listed around $55,000 but market value is about $95,000 after fixing it. T

I get emails for these type of deals all the time…I turn them down because borrower has zero collateral and zero dollars to lose in the event selling these properties doesnt go well…I do HM lending in NY and FLA and only do deals where there is equity at stake for the borrower…

I am not saying that I won’t put any money down. I do own a house but it just that I don’t have enough capital. You can tell me what your terms are. Maybe, we can work something out. I am new to this business so I don’t know what all the requirements are. Who knows, maybe this is one of the many future deals. Thanks for the reply.

You guys need to take the financial dealings off-line, please.



Sure they are out there. You just have to have decent credit, and some skin in the game.

There may be one or two left that will take the deal into consideration without credit. But they are getting harder and harder to find