Are "boot camps" worth it?

I see a lot of (rather expensive) boot camps being offered all over the place - are any of these worth their weight in gold?

Also, on a completely unrelated note - would having a real estate liscence or appraisal liscence help me in any way as an investor? Or hinder?



Just my opinion

I think going to investment clubs and being “in the market” is more helpful than many boot camps. They’re all teaching the same things, but by networking, you really learn from other investors and get a better idea of what works best in your market.

As far as having a license, there’s been a lot of discussion on that topic in previous posts, so it would be helpful to do a search of forum topics.

rather than spend 5k on bootcamps, its better to put that towards buying investment property. i spent first 10k on 2 properties that ended up netting me just over 200k over 3 years. imagine if i had spent that on bootcamps, i’d still be broke.

read books on the subject. here’s a list

do a search on google or technorati for real estate blogs and read those instead.
here are a few that i read

happy reading.

Wow - thanks for the links!

You know what’s really crazy? That first link to blogs you read is for a guy who lives in the same city as my mom… about 10 minutes from where I live. :smiley: