Are bandit signs.....

the way to market a wholesale. Or would newspaper ads or fliers the most of efficient to market, keeping in mind time spent and expenses.

Findings buyers may be the most difficult part about wholesaling. Looking for advice from experienced wholesalers.

Try both…simple bandit signs & inexpensive Ads in the same area. I was told “Avoid Foreclosure” gets a good response for an Ad or sign. You have to at least place your Ad for 2mos to measure its effectiveness. Just some thoughts I was given! 8)

Join your local REI club.
Call bandit signs.
Look in the news papers for “WE buy Houses”

It sounds like you are looking for investors.
If the numbers work. You should be able to flip that wholesale.
If they do not. You will at least find out {by asking} what they are looking for.



Yes Bruce i am looking for investors. I would like a buyers list before i even attempt to look for a property. If you wait, then you have to low ball your offer.

Does anybody have a marketing campaign that generates daily leads?

Join your local REI club and talk to investors in your area and find out what they are looking for? What areas? How much rehabbing they want to do? the more you find out. The Faster you will know if it is a win, win deal for both of you. Call the news paper ads and Bandet signs “WE buy Houses”. A lot of these will only be looking for Sub2s. But you will find ones that like to flip also.