Does anyone use and architect on rehabs.
I’m doing gut shells pretty much and wondering if its worth the expense to use and architect or, hopefully, someone has much more cost effective idea.


I always put the houses back like they were so an architect won’t help me. I have used an engineer. I was looking at a house that needed foundation work. One company said it needed 6 piers and the next one said t needed 12 piers. I got an engineer involved to break the tie. He said it needed 14 piers…I didn’t buy the house.

You don’t need to use a certified architect - a draftman will do. If you need to submit any plans to a city authority - a drafter will do too. If you need structural certification - then you’ll need to find an engineer to stamp the plans.

Architects will be very expensive. Draftsman can charge about $1.25 per square foot or more or give a fixed bid.

There are also software packages reasonably price to do your own drawing. They are very user friendly. I draw house plans for our building company and use Chief Architect software - which is more of a professional software. But you can search the internet for non-pro design software and get great results.

Thanks for the input.

I actually went to school for Arch, had a drafting company and drew plans and got the permits for the companies as well.

That’s been 15 yrs and I dont’ have the time. How are you finding draftsmen(people…lol) that know the codes and are self starters? any idea where to look
I’ve had a few losers so far. End up doing most of it myself and don’t have the time.


Hi - You’re right, they are hard to find. I said draftsman because its easier than draftsperson and personally, I haven’t seen too many draftswomen (of which I’m one). I don’t call myself a draftsperson … I just draw plans. LOL

We find many of the ones we use at the blueprint shops. They usually leave their cards at the desk or on a bulletin board.

You’re right too in that many are not self-starters. We’ve run thru a few - one even became our pesonal “cableman” LOL, but we found a good drafter now. Some of them are pretty flakey. Don’t know why. The good ones are always busy and have too many jobs before ours. So its a hit and miss until you find one you can work with well.

Thanks Cherd

guess I was hoping for a magic bullet.

Doesn’t exist I suppose

Good luck

We’re quickly hired by architecture firms. ;D

I have my professional degree in architecture, but I think I would rather rehab old houses, instead. Are good draftsmen that hard to find? Maybe I can freelance and rehab at the same time?

Hi - You’re right. Many draftspeople are hired by architects who in turn charge pretty hefty fees. We build custom homes, so I know about those fees. I don’t know where you live, but in our area, there are quite a few draftspeople - although not many reliable and fast ones.

I would think you could make a good second income doing small projects and remodels.

ooooohhhhh…that sounds like a job


Have you tried your local high school or vocational college? Most if not all in our area offer Drafting Classes. Just some food for thought.