Architect fees

Any one have a guestimation on what architects fees run on smaller home projects?


That is a tough one to answer as it is going to vary based on geographic location, how involved the project is, etc.

This is when shopping around is crucial. First, are the plans you have in mind require an architect? Most of the home remodels I do require just structural engineering stamps. You can get most lumber yards to provide you with engineering documents from their suppliers. ie. I- joists, LVL’s ect.
Then it’s just a matter of following code for the use of these products.
Ask some subs who they recommend for architects. Most of the time they know a guy who will work fast for short money if he’s dealing with someone who knows what their doing. What I mean is. What level of service do you need . If you want the " Well Mr. Johnson the ballisters are custom designed, I have cross sections for you on page 85, Their ebony with a rosewood trim hand turned by Amish carpenters" your gonna pay more than " Jimmy put a 12 pitch on the roof, cover it with architectuals, and put some wide corner boards on it with 4 inch to the weather clap boards"