approximating total tax liens

i’m trying to estimate the total amount which has accrued in tax liens for a vacant house.

The record I have to refer to shows this:

Amount: 920.92
Interest: 101.07

Total: 1021.99

Interest at a rate of 18%

This record is from 2002. In order to find out the total amount, do I take this and just apply 18% compounded interest?

The current tax record of this property shows updated in 2006, so wouldn’t the taxes have changed since this tax certificate?

I’m a little confused, if anyone who can shed some light on this I’d appreciate it.


yes, they would have changed since 2002. i would go to your county treasurer’s office and ask them about it. it’s possible somebody has purchased the tax lien or liens on this property in which case they would need to be paid off before you bought the property.

Right that’s exactly what I was viewing (the tax certificate) which someone purchased in 2002. I don’t see any other tax certificates purchased. So I’m trying to find out the total tax liens. The clerk records show only this tax certificate.