Approaching Land owners

In the quest to acquire land, especially land in highly sought after markets, I continually find myself coming accross land–already being occupied–used for a sometimes struggling business or place of residence. More times than not, I wonder what price will that land owner walk away from their home or their business a happy person. I have not yet broken into the realm of acquiring land through the process of ‘door knocking’, but I find that the day is nearing when I’ll have to begin to change the way I locate land.
My question is: How do you go about ‘door knocking?’ What special methods do you use in gaining the land owner’s interest and having them provide you with their undivided attention? I have learned from a few resources that it is often best to get to know the farmer’s accountant or lawyer rather than the farmer themself. This way, you gain a back door entry by being refered by an already trusted person.
So, shall I begin knocking on the doors of farmers and business owners and letting them know I’m interested in their land, or is there a more lucrative method? People with experience, Please Help.

I have found that dealing with land owners is a very personal thing. The best why is to have a 3rd party make the introduction (like you mentioned a lawyer or accountant).

Most land owners don’t like it when you cold call them and make an offer for their land. There is usually an emotional attachment to the land on their part and you’re treating it as a business deal, so their is some friction from the beginning.

Also, if the owner has a for sale sign on their property, they are probably more willing to take a direct call from you.

Patti Porter

Thank you for the info patti. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on a property which is listed. I can relate to cold calling though, as too myself frowns upon unsolicited calls.