approaching defaulting homeowner

Hi fellow investors,

does anyone have any pointers on how to approach a homeowner who is in foreclosure/preforeclosure? any tips on what works when you go knocking on their door- something to put them at ease during that confrontation considering they are already stressed out?

i’ve been investing full time for 12 years (mostly rehabbing) and am changing gears a bit to focus on foreclosures and buying from homeowners in default. i am trying to figure out how to approach the homeowner. i plan to do my best to show that i am going to also help them and make it a win-win situation, but i guess i am just looking for any pointers. and if you reply, can you please say whether or not you do this and/or whether or not it has worked for you personally?

thanks in advance and happy investing!

I’d suggest letting the homeowners find you instead of vice-versa. This is a way of “pre-screening” the serious from the curious. Just think about it…if you were in financial crisis, do you want to listen to Joe Blow talk about a lot of confusing jargon while you contemplate selling your largest asset!!! The subtle approach seems the long way around, but the most effective in my opinion.


Maybe this might help. I’m searching for info and came across this.
Watta u think.

shaun mcclosky is very good. a lot of info comes from him on; he is on the board fairly often & answers our questions
for us. lots of info on that site & it’s free . harriet(fl) :smile