approaching attorneys/brokers for short sale leads

I am in the midst of looking for these prospects from different sources. I am getting ready to try make acquaintance with:

  • mortgage brokers
  • note brokers
  • realtors
  • bankruptcy attorneys
  • foreclosure attorneys
  • probate attorneys

These are good source for pre-foreclosure leads before they become public knowledge in newspaper lis pendens or notice of default. But I have one more question. Before I approach these brokers and attorneys, what could I to bring to the table to offer them in return? Thanks in advance for your help.


I am a newbie real estate wholesaler from Durham, NC. I am very interested in wholesaling to residential and commercial retailers in the Triangle, Triad, and surrounding areas of NC. My goal is to earn enough money wholesaling so I can purchase my own properties at tax auctions and rent them to low to moderate income elderly or section 8 tenants.

Now back to your question

what are you bringing to the table

                  1.A GREAT GOAL
                  2.A Great attitude 
                  3.The ability to get it done 
                  4. A helpful approach
                  5. Relief of there workload  

What else is there!! Best of luck to you