Appreciation in the value of a property

Appreciation in the value of a property. There are two kinds of appreciation, which we can call “external” and “internal”. “External” appreciation has nothing to do with the actual property itself but comes from economic conditions, land scarcity etc. Some people have made good deals by predicting where the next property “hotspot” will be and buying in hopes of quick appreciation - but of course, if you get it wrong, you are in trouble. “Internal” appreciation comes from improvement in the actual property itself and is easier for you to control. You can buy a piece of property in need of repair at its “as is” value, improve it and sell it on at a profit


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Sounds like you are talking about rehabbing a property. It can in deed be profitable. Are you asking a question here? I personally like to buy and hold property within a radius of 25 of a military base. If you have a good marketing plan, these homes can bring in cash flow for a long time. :biggrin