Appreciate what you have

Was driving back from a job meeting today and as I was driving back on a country road I was this wreck. Since it was a country road, nobody was around. They were in a cornfield (this is Indiana remember). So I run up to the wreck…

I got out to help along with my 1st aid kit (im ALMOST a nurse remember), and what I saw was very frightening. 3 teens(all 16) hit a older lady (about 50). The older lady when I went up to the car was dead.

The girl was on the ground and just got back from a local beauty pagent. The young girl had her eye missing (I dont think she realized it). I told her my name and that I was almost a nurse and all that… But she kept asking me “Am I going to be okay? Does my face look bad”

I just responded “your going to be fine”

Im not going to lie, this girl was a 11/10 on looks. She was incredibly good looking… and its just amazing how fast something like that can change your life.

Probably most saddest thing ive personally dealt with.

Basically, im just posting this to remind everybody to be thankful for what you already have. Chasing money is nice (I love money), but none of that matters when something like that happens.One hour from now, ANYTIHNG could happen to you and competely change your life, just a thought.

great post Hoosier…

best I’ve read from you.


It boggles me why 16 year olds are allowed to drive cars.

Every 16-18 year old kid I’ve ever met has done nothing to prove to me they are capable of being behind the wheel.

Good job in responding to that wreck with a FIRST AID KIT! Not many drivers have those, and no I don’t either. I’m going to get one though after reading your story.

Just by you being there you helped those people. And you said the right thing. Thanks for making us appreciate just being here today.


Hoosier GREAT JOB!!!

That’s ONE of the things I appreciate the most about being a Firefighter.
I see these events all the time…It TRUELY makes you appreciate how lucky you are.

My guess is most, if not ALL those kids were UNRESTRAINED (not wearing seatbelts) I tell a story to people who don’t wear seat belts…

This is all 100% true…

The Engine I’m on gets called to a LOT of car accidents…One morning we get called to a local secondary street in the middle of a quiet neighborhood…Because of the location (low speed small street) we don;t expect a lot of damage to the cars. As we pull up we see exactly what we expect…A minor fender bender. With ONE big exception…

The young woman driving the first car has a small infant in a car seat in the back of the car…The baby is PERFECTLY FINE…strapped in tightly, cooing away, not a scratch on her…The MOTHER on the other hand DID NOT wear her seat belt that morning…As she pulled out of a side street another car hit her head on at about 20 MPH…Her HEAD hit the windshield, cracked it and went through the opening slightly, as her and her car decellerated, she was pulled BACK THROUGH the windshield which now CLOSED on her and took a 5 inch by 3 inch OVAL piece from her FACE above the nose. That woman will NEVER look the same…EVER.

And the sad part???

The OTHER DRIVER was wearing a seat belt and was not hurt in any way…NOT A MARK ON HER…She DROVE her car home! As a matter of fact, BOTH vehicles could have been driven home from the scene.


I remember in “driver’s ed” asking why seatbelts are so importand when you’re only driving slow speeds around town. The instructor simply said, " The fastest man in world can run about 20 mph. Would you run into a wall with your head running as fast as you can?" Enough said. Although I didn’t start wearing my seatbelt until it became a law. After all, I was an indestructable kid who who it all… :banghead :rolleyes

Good job Hoosier,and thanks for the post.Life lessons like this help put the real focus of importance where it belongs,on the gift of life.It’s good to see that you will make a great nurse also.A large number of nurses would’ve kept on going and had the mentality of “I’m not on duty”.

Once again you are so far ahead of your age group and I think it’s great.It gives me hope for our future.We need alot more like you,alot!! :cool

Great job Hoosier. This is why you must enjoy your life as much as possible, as you just never know when it’s time to go.

I remember when I was in my early 20’s, I was talking to a guy I worked with who had been in a major accident, and servived. Now, this guy never took anything in life seriously, he was one of those guys that would laugh off everything and kid around about almost every subject. When he came back to work, after being in the accident, I started joking around about him being out, since that is how he liked to have conversations. Something that happend next really shocked me. He looked at me STRAIGHT in the eyes with the most serious look I had ever seen on his face and said to me “I was in a major accident, I crashed my chevy silverado into a tree head on, because I hit a patch of black ice. Had I not worn my seatbelts, I would not be here talking to you right now, I would have shot right through the windshield.” He pulled up his shirt and he showed me the whiplash marks from the seat belt he was wearing. So this guy was IN a full size pickup and destroyed it, the size of the vehicle would have not saved him had he not been wearing a seatbelt.

Ever since that day, I have never gotten into a moving car without first putting on a seatbelt.

I am glad you stopped to help the people.

There are many people that have chased money their whole lives, neglecting their families and loved ones. In the end, they wish they had spent more time with those people because none of the materialistic things matter.

Spend more time with the people you care about. Go after money too but not at the expense of your relationships. So when the time comes and you look back at your life, you can be happy that the moments you had together were some of the best.