Hi All,

I am currently studying for my cal Appraiser’s license. I’ve been hitting the books for two months. Do any of you have any friends/or yourselfs that are in the field? Just curious on how they are doing and whether or not they like the job. I’ve been very interested in the realestate industry and want others opinions. I also have investment property in Vegas but decided to quit my current job and work as an appraiser.

All of the appraisers that I use have been “SWAMPED”. They say that they can not keep up with the business.

Hi, I am from Cali also and I am two chapters short of finishing the Allied Appraisal course. I am also a Real Estate agent. I was told that there are only 1200 or so licensed appraisers in california so they are all backlogged. In my area appraisers are driving two to three hours from out of town to do appraisals. I had one agent tell me that she has a guy come out of town each week and he is doing an average of 20 appraisals a week at $300 to $400 a pop…

sounds like a great problem to have if you ask me…



That is great!!! This is what I’ve been hearing. I personally haven’t had time to network with people. This is good info buddy. What part of Cali? I’m in orange county. I am currently an engineer. (23 yrs old) I like the IT industry but have a pasion for realestate. IT will end up being my backup career. :slight_smile: Are you in any local REI clubs? In cali? Do you recommend any? Keep in touch…


I am in Bakersfield 2 1/2 hours north of you. I am not currently in any REI clubs I am sort of a newbie myself. I tend to come here and read and follow what the pros on this site are saying. There is some excellent information here.