Appliances for rentals

Do you ever NOT include major appliances with SFH rentals? What about houses that are rehabbed for the purpose of flipping? Does it help to have the appliances in the house? Just trying to get a general consensus of what others are doing…it seems like its a risk to buy stuff used off craigslist or whatever since you never know what you’re actually getting?! AND I HATE MOVING APPLIANCES!

All my rentals come with stove and dishwasher. That is it.

It’s a local thing. I wouldn’t get tenants if I didn’t provide appliances.

We provide refrigerators and stoves in all our rentals. We don’t currently have any with dishwashers, but if a tenant wants to add in a portable dishwasher, that’s on them. We never provide washers/dryers as they are not a necessity. I consider stoves/refrigerators to be the necessary basic appliances. If a tenant has their own appliances, I’ll remove them and use them in another house. That actually just happened to us and now we have a couple extra gas stoves. Do you have a local used appliance store? We have one that fixes up older appliances and I can usually buy a really decent refrigerator or stove for $150 + tax. They come with a 60 day warranty so I feel better buying things from them than out of the paper.

Any advantages to gas vs electric? One more durable over the other? Gas more DANGEROUS than electric? My tenants pay gas/electric so cost isn’t a huge thing…

Some of our applicants don’t want gas because they say they can’t afford it. Whatever the house is set up for is what it gets for appliances. I won’t pay to run an electric circuit for a house set up for a gas stove. The other day I had a lady ask me if I could replace the gas furnace with an electric one. I told her I don’t pull out anything operational just for someone’s wishes. In ALL our houses that have gas, we put at least a couple CO detectors. All our houses get several smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
FWIW, I’ve heard it’s more expensive to fix gas stoves and generally more cost effective to buy a different one if it’s messed up.

Supplying fire extinguishers never even crossed my mind for some reason, I wonder if my insurance guy would give me a price break at all if I did? Are extinguishers expensive?

I don’t know if your insurance will give you a break, but tenants occassionally cause a fire in the kitchen. I’ve had at least 2 tenants put out kitchen fires with the extinguishers and quite possibly saved the house from burning down!


We get very basic extinguishers at Lowe’s for about $19. They have a bracket for wall mounting and a little gauge on there showing the charge. I always mount the extinguishers on a wall or side of door frame next to the kitchen. As Mike has said before, most fires that a tenant could do anything about are going to be in the kitchen anyway. In a world of frivolous lawsuits, I think it’s smart to provide basic safety equipment in all our houses.

Providing a stove is mandatory in Oregon.

Most of my houses have dishwashers. Tenants don’t seem to break them and they make the house easier to rent.

Most of my rentals have a fridge. I started without and gradually, they got added as tenants requested them. I would move them out if tenant had their own, but that rarely happens.

I will not provide washer/ dryer. They break if they are abused and tenants abuse them.

My applicants appear to love a gas cook stove, but I don’t have gas available at many of my houses. It’s not a deal breaker.

Self cleaning oven is mandatory. I refuse to clean out some tenant’s baked on cruzz. Tenants will usually keep the oven clean if it is self-cleaning. If not, it’s easy for me to clean.