Appliances for low income???

Just wondering how many of you are providing a range/oven and fridge for your properties in lower income areas. I am in Dallas and just finishing up a rehab of a duplex. Home is in Oak Cliff for you locals…east of 35. I have applications but we have not yet discussed appliances. I really want to have the tenant provide…if not I will buy used applicances or maybe give a first month rent discount to credit them money they can use toward buying their own. FYI this is not section 8 housing. I am open to Section 8 but I am finding good applicants non section 8.

Any thoughts on this? I am not a new landlord…I have 3 homes in nicer areas, but this is my first on the wrong side of the tracks!

I am required by law to provide range, so all my houses come with a good self-cleaning range.

My better houses do not have refrigerators, because the tenants all own extra large fancy fridges.

The lower rent places are supplied with a fridge. It helps to rent them as lower income tenants have enough trouble coming up with rent and deposits to move without having to buy appliances on top of it.

All of my rentals in every price bracket have dishwashers. It can tip the decision to my place instead of another. Dishwashers are cheap, and although I hear other landlords say they have dishwasher repairs, the only time I have problems with the dishwashers is when they have reached the end of their lives.

All my dishwashers have food chppers and are are drained through the garbage disposal to prevent plumbing problems.

I provide washer dryer hook ups, bt no machines. Washers break when they are abused, and I don’t trust the tenants to not overload or wash items too heavy for the machine.

I have a 16-unit building that is low income and I give the tenants an option. For $25 less per month they can provide their own appliances. I would say about 1 out of every 5 new tenants takes this option. I have even had a few leave their appliances after they got evicted!

Tenants in my area don’t own appliances.

Low income tenants in my area don’t own appliances either. I buy all of them used and cheap ($65 - $80) or less. I don’t install dishwashers and won’t allow washers/dryers in low income apartment buildings.


What is your opinion on Coin-Op washer and dryers?



How do you find such inexpensive used appliances? In my neck of the woods, I pay $200-$300 for used refrigerators and stoves.

Craigslist is awesome in my part for appliances.

My limit is 50 dollars per appliance, no exceptions. You would be surprised what people will come down to when they have to move it before lowes brings the new appliances and hauls the old ones away.

One thing that worked good for me, give your cards to the lowes drivers, tell them you will pay them 50 bucks if they work. I had this going until I ruined it and told the guy I didn’t need anything right then, haven’t heard from him since. Sure wish I would have saved his number.

I second craigslist for the appliances. Since most of my tenants are Section-8, I supply the stove and fridge. The tenant pays a $150.00 deposit so I then supply a window AC as well. Keep your expenses down so when the lean times come, you have breathing room. And they always come.


I’m all for coin operated washers and dryers if you have enough tenants in the building to support it.


I get most of my used appliances from the used appliance store. I also occassionally get them from private individuals that are selling them.


Thanks all…

I met a handyman yesterday in my rental area that will locate, deliver, and install used appliances for 100 - 125 each. Since I do not have a pickup or want to mess with it I will likely give this guy a try. I will have them delivered the day the tenants move in…or they may be gone!

this is what I use. Can’t go wrong at 50 bucks. You can find these all day long on craigslist around here

I have PDA phone and check Craigslist for everything. Appliances, Materials, Tools.

I just picked up 6 sq. siding for $100 and some shingles to do a roof 18 bundles for $100.

CHECK THE FREEstuff ads you can find stuff you wouldn’t believe people just want hauled away. I got a bunch of used bricks for a patio just to pick the up. But the furniture and appliances are always there too.

craigs list craigs list crags list!!!

I take appliances from CL and store them in a garage,so I have inventory… I find that is always hared to located a used frig when I have an urgent need … so I just buy them when i see them from desparate people … then they are just sitting in my garage when the time comes…boom new frig…somtimes for $20-30

I hate being in a spot where the fridge breaks and I have to scramble for a new one … more costly and stressful… so I keep them on hand.

PS - I always provide fridge and stove…sometimes dishwasher and laundry… depends on whaty I have on hand.

My new thing with Wash/Dryer is an addendum I make people sign that says they can use the appliances on hand but if thye break it is on them…

but this is usually for FREE appliances that were there when I bought or left by the tenant… nice n=bonus for new renters and no sweat off of my back…

Do you guys make an effort to have close matching appliances in your rentals?

Would you put an ivory dishwasher, black front (but semi-white) stove and white fridge in a low income rental? Or middle income? =)

Yes, I try to get matching appliances. However, I have, on occassion, put in an ivory appliance with a white appliance, expecially if they are separated by a few feet. I won’t mix green, yellow, black, or white.


I don’t worry too much about mixing appliances in middle income units. I am waiting for the gold ones to become popular again! I think stainless steel will become as common and out-dated as olive green or harvest gold or almond formerly were. I don’t use stainless.

I think the only true and timeless classic is white.

But you have to change the cupboard handles and get rid of those horrible 1970’s fake New England-style kitchen cupboard handles. New handles at $4-5 a pop are worth it for changing the look of a kitchen.