Appealing Property Tax Evaluation

I received my property tax evaluation for a rental house that i have had for 5 years and find that it went up almost 35% in this market. The evaluation has been the same since i bought the house back in '04 (for $37,000) at $35,630. I went through and put new paint and carpet in it when i bought it and have rented it out since. Every year i get my evaluation and it has stayed the same. This year i get my evaluation for $47,930. I could see an increase in value of a $1,000 or $2,000, but in this market how can they raise it almost 35% ? It would probably appraise for around $50,000 so i cant use an appraisal to fight the evaluation.

What is the best way to appeal this and be successful?

You need to appeal within the time period allowed and provide comps showing home values are lower than the assessment. You won’t win if the assessment is actually less than the homes fair market value.