Apartments... Dave Lindahl?

Hey All!

Has anyone heard of Dave Lindahl? I saw some of his stuff on ebay and was wondering if he is worth studing?


he ran an REI club that I went to recently. He seemed to really be sharp. Doring the meeting he answered questions efficiently and clearly wanted to help. If his bio is true then he has vast knowledge and experience to share. He ran the club well and brought in an excellent speaker. He did have info for sale but there was no “selling” at the club. His website(s) look like big infomercials like some of the other ones unfortunately.
I do not have experience with his tapes however. Maybe you could call and ask questions and find out about his gaurantee.

He also “partners” with people on purchases. Personally I would rather gain info and do it myself.

Hope this helps,

here are some user reviews of dave lindahls course…looks pretty good to me. I have personally never used his course but have heard that is is pretty good.