Hello, I have a question. I have a deal where I can possibly get a large apt complex for 0 down, but I’m not sure exactly how to structure the deal. I’m pretty new. First, if I offer, say, 6M and the owner is willing to finance 35 - 45% of that price, would I be able to pick up a mortgage for 70% of the property value, creating a nothiing down, and cash back at closing deal? Is there anything that I should be aware of? Cash flow isn’t a problem, because this property will cashflow even with debt service on the full price.

Also, this is a pretty dumb question, but how do you present your offers? What for do you use? I have used a couple different ones, from an actual buyers contract to an “Intent to Purchase” that I found. I’d like to standardize my procedures with a professional document.

Thanks for your help!

Most commercial lenders will not allow a 100% CLTV, even with a seller second. They insist that the borrower brings cash to the table ( At least 5% ), and as a result, share the risk.
Also lenders can provide either an in-house
90% LTV (80/10), or 95% LTV (70/25 or 75/20), whereby the seller carry the second

Some lenders also require no due diligence fees, no upfront fees.