Apartment deal could be a Home Run

Apartment deal could be a home run.

I was over at my little Country airport fixing up my hanger and listening to music while sucking on an energy drink when a fellow pilot came over to investigate my plane and the new guy, me haha. After some chit chat and talking airplanes Of course he noticed the I buy Houses signs on my vehicle and said he had some apartments to sell.
I met him there today, these apartments are actually in a big building built in 1911 with a couple of duplexes alongside.
I was expecting some dilapidated termite and roach infested complex because of the age and the area, but I was surprised, A real cute property with big shade trees and older landscaping with carports and courtyards and balconies. I even picked a bag of big ripe purple figs with the owner.
Anyway, I offered 620K on these 18 units consisting of 2 and 1 bedroom units along with a few studios.
He said he wud take 650K I sent it to my buyer with photos and he’s telling me to lock it up cuz he wants it at $685,000
So now I just emailed the seller that we will take it at 640K Waiting for his reply.
The most I’ve made on a deal so far has been 15K
So making 35-45K on a single deal has got me extremely excited.
I’m cautiously optimistic but I think this deal could happen.
Let’s make some MONEY…


 Congrats!     :beer