Apartment Building Financing


Looking for a Apartment lender that will loan 80% on a first loan.

The sell will carry a 20% second loan. = 100% CLTV

Purchase price is 1.3 million

Estimated DSR is 1.15 with 100% CLTV

Interest only blended interested rate of 11.5%

Rents are 10 to 12% below current market

My credit scores all over 740

Normally you get up to 95% with seller carryback. 100% financing is attainable if you have a stock. This is how it works. The lender can lend up to 90% depending on what type of stock you have.
You use that for down payment, lenders fee and closing cost

If 90% of your stock can cover your downpayment, fees and closing cost. Then you get 100% financing

I concur with donedeals—the highest CLTV you can achieve with a seller second is 95 (with a 75% lender 1st combined with a 20% seller 2nd).

You could either apply for a stock portfolio loan or a unsecured LOC to make up the difference (assuming that you either have the stock value or qualify for the unsecured LOC).


Scott Miller

Thank You,

Your have given me great information. I never even consider using my stock to borrow against or use as security for a LOC. :beer