Anywhere to buy investment property without a negative?

With prices of homes being what they are, is there anywhere left in the USA where investment property can be found with little or no negative on a conventional loan purchase (10% to 20% down, 15 to 30 year conventional financing?)

I don’t mind Section 8 housing, but I need to have the renter pay the mortgage.

Any suggestions?



Go to your local REI club and start looking for disgruntled landlords that need out of their property and are willing to sell for a big discount:


Yes, most of the United States have properties that offer a positive cash flow. However, in EVERY market, these deals are difficult to find. You’ve got to put in the work to find the good deals. Don’t settle for a property that loses money. A deal that simply covers the mortgage is a HUGE loser! What’s the point of an “investment” property that loses money?

Good Luck,