anyway to do this w/o down payment?

I found 4 adjoining buildings which total 16 units. rents are close to the 1% rule. YES more due diligence is due on the property but I dontlike to kick tires if i dont have the money.

The seller is willing to finance with 10% down. anyway i can get a bank to write the note for 50%, then have the seller carry 50%? or the bank wont wont fly with that? I am obviously trying to do this with no money down. Now i have the money to put down but thats all the $$ i have. If i could be assured of a re-fi to get the cash back, I might consider that.

Maybe i am wrong but i thought i heard of a way to increase the price and have the seller discount the mtg if paid on time for 2 years. That way the selling price is higher and LTV is lower. Is that illegal?


It is not illegal to have the mortage rate discounted if you make payments on time. The “Timely Rewards” program is very similar in that if you make your payments on time for a set period your interest rate will go down.

You need to start small. Concentrate on small SFR. Build up your cash flow then move to multi family units. NO money , or credit do lease options.Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

100%LTV is available on residential properties.
100% CLTV is available on commercial properties IF:
-The seller carries 20% and it is secured against another property you own (not the subject)

but i assume they would want to be the first lien holder on that 2nd property right?

Had time to read you post. No! You are talking about building and that is commercial…Check out this site on my recent post on commercial ,cap rate, cross collatreral, rent rolls , income and expenses, DCR. ASK some who do commercial.Hint…Hint. Stop kicking tire and take action! Talk to you later.Instead of making it easy for you by repeating my recent post here, I will make you do alittle homework. After you read, then we can talk. Go head and make your laundry list of question. Just ask. Got to go … a business to run

i can do it