anyone worked with AmericaOne Funding Group?

im thinking about a business line of credit and wondering if anyone has used americaone funding and if so, how do you feel about the transaction? did you get what you needed?

NeverMIND! They want 9.9% just to place the loans! if you get 100k your looking at 10k just for them to find you the loans…UGH! :banghead

Typically though you only have to pay them once and you retain the lines of credit. So if your going to pay a hard money lender 4 points over and over and over again the 9.99% might not be such a bad deal.

actually this isnt such a bad deal because they have a price cap of $4950.00 and they will put it in writing (they just did for me when i said 9.9% is F-ing crazy and i have someone else lined up at 4.5%. I am going to try them out and see how they work out. I will report in later on this (in case anyone cares)

As I am sure you know, never, ever pay anything up front. This plan does not pass the “sniff test.”

LMAO!!! the “sniff test”…
…honey? is that you?..

You are right and they do check out with the bbb and there are no govt complaints. You pay when the loans get funded.

(sorry, it just struck me funny!)