Anyone work with Equifirst?

I’ve been trying to deal with these people for the past 4 months on a short for a 2 bed/ 1bth property in messed up condition and in a crappy neighborhood. Funny thing is 4 months ago the home was in decent shape and my offer reflected this. The now vacant home has been broken into and torn up, stolen furnance, h2o heater, plumbling, etc. The house next door was also a foreclosure and is now burned out.
Comps for other properties in similar condition more than support my offer. Yet Equifirst acts like they have the Taj Mahal on their hands.
I had hoped to keep a foreclosure off the homeowners record but I might get a better deal once this place goes to auction.

Any of you work with these people before? What were your experiences? They honestly do not seem to care how much they will lose.

Does your offer mention the fact that all this damage has occurred and that many of the mechanical devices are now MIA and in need of replacement?

Not only does my offer mention this but I have included photos of the all the damages and MIA parts, or at least where they were. I even included a similar REO on the same block from Wells Fargo that has been on the market for 66 days, yet to close, for the same amount I was offering. I was offering 15k more 4 months ago before the break in.

I would like to think they will come running to me in the 13th hour to save them, but I doubt that. All I can say is that the homeowner already knew that their were no guarantees.

All other replies welcome.