anyone willing to help

I’m about to grad from college and ive read a lot of books on fliping homes. I been trying to contact people that flip houses and ive had no luck. If there is anyone out their that i could talk to and ask questions too and maybewilling to give me some direction please to do so i beg you.
thank you, michael starks

I would start by READING, READING, READING. Unfortunately, this is a competitive business and I suggest crawling before you learn to walk. That way people will not try to takle advantage of you. My first deal has been with someone who has become my mentor. I have good insticts, but watching someone who has been in the games has been invaluable for me. He is fair as well, of course. You have nothing in this business if not integrity. That means finding honest and successful people to work with and learn from. Start birddogging or finding vacant houses to wholesale. Look for investors. Get your credit together if it is not already.

Try your local REIA:

i found a forcloser listing and im having trouble finding more info on the properties. I plan to work in San antonio when i grad, but right now im in laredo finishing school. No one in laredo is answering any of my questions. I need to find the address (the lists only have the lot #s) and see how much is still owed on the properties would you have any ideas how do get this info