anyone used

I keep coming across there listings----wondering if anyone has actually done a deal with them…are their listings just a way to pull “you” in-----or the real deal.

I read somewhere in this forum that their list is not the same as the sheriff sale list. The end result is it’s useless. I guess you can do your research e.g. try their free trial and check it against the actual list from the court, or title company. Then cancel the free trial if you find discrepancy.

Their bootcamp is 8000, that’s alot of $$$, dont you think ?


 Last year, I was not greatly impressed with them.     


can u give more juicy details :slight_smile:

I found the listing useless. I found better fresher deals that were more acurate, from the courthouse.


thanks Ray —i had a feeling --just curious about any real life experience with them. :slight_smile: taylor

I did the free trial hoping that they would have info such as DOM on the list. Nope. Same stuff you find on RealtyTrac…

Hope this helps…

PS, anyone know of a list serv that has DOM for REOs?