Anyone used Direct Buy to purchase their home furnishings?

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anyone had purchased anything from Direct Buy for one of their rentals or flips? I see their commercials all the time, and they just seem fishy. One had some older lady claiming to save tens of thousands of dollars renovating using their stuff.

Anyone know if it’s legit?

I’ve heard from people you can get cheaper deals at Lowes & Home Depot. The only exception is you might find cabinets that supposedly sell for $60k (no kidding) marked down to $20k. Which even when I have millions & millions in the bank, it will be a cold day in h*ll before I spend $20k on any kitchen cabinets! LOL!!

Amen to that !!!

Few years ago my wife and I thought about going to one of their open houses. We got the invitation on the mail and even scheduled the visit. I believe a day or two before the scheduled date I decided to do a search on the Internet… There are tons of information online - it really gives you an insight on the operation they are running. I suggest you do the same.

What I recall is that there were a lot of people complaining that they didn’t have a lot of options. The things that they have seem to be marked down, but it is mostly high-end stuff. You can get better pricing elsewhere for not so high end stuff.

Please note that this is based on my recollection from what I read in the Internet. I never made to the open house so I don’t know first hand.

The other thing that I didn’t like is that they actually charge you thousands of dollars (I don’t recall how much) for the privilege of buying there. I didn’t like the fact that they did not disclose that you had to pay that fee in their marketing material…

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I never really checked them out online, was just going by their television commercials. I had no idea they charged thousands of dollars to become members. :shocked I was thinking maybe it was something like Sam’s Club, but a thousand dollars is definitely a deal breaker.

A thousand dollars would be a bargain! About 6-7 years ago, a guy at work joined for $3500. He’s bought some stuff through them but not much. 2.5 years ago I went to the “open house” with the same thoughts as you - getting deals for the rehabs. But it was $5000 to join. Plus it’s very high pressure…join now or never be invited back. I guess I’ll never be invited back.
Last year another guy at work joined for $5000 to do a kitchen remodel. Supposedly it was to cost $60000 but with Direct Buy he only paid $30000. I would have done his remodel for $15000. I guess some people don’t care how much they spend. Furthermore, he had all kinds of problems with the associates when it came to ordering materials. It probably took 9 months to get everything he needed. After reading reviews of Direct Buy, that seems to be the status quo. And the kicker, he didn’t even use Direct Buy to get his appliances. He got them on sale at Sears!

What a nightmare…