Anyone use this for bandit signs?

I saw this site today Anyone use it for posting bandit signs? Just looks like some PVC pipe to me.

For $40?? It’s about $4 of PVC pipe and a steel pipe cap…

I guess someone will buy it! Maybe I need a home-based business!


I’ve actually seen some signs that are hung 15-20’ high on some poles in my farm area by a guy that builds decks. Dude must really want them to stay up.

I might go up a pole a little to hang mine when I get them. I can climb poles pretty well, just to scale one where I used to live for fun. Pegs were about 8’ up, just getting to the first one was tricky.

Ever watch the lumberjack games on ESPN when they do the pole climbing? If you learned how to do that you could hang your signs so high they wouldn’t be visible from earth!

Ive made a few of them. They cost about 3 bucks in materials. Worth making 4 or 5 at a time.

Ha. There was a post about how to turn $10 into a fortune. I guess this is one way!;action=display;threadid=24037

This is way better…
I bought it and it works great. The pipe part is about 4 feet long and the sleeve on it holds the sign well.

How do you make them? What all do you need?

The sign stapler looks better to me. I’d use that before paying $30 for a pipe.

The sign Hammer was very easy to make at home. One piece of pvc pipe, one 90* corner, and one metal end cap.

i think this guy smoked some weed, went to home depot, and got alittle creative. good idea though!

Sounds to me like he’s smoking dog food…$40?? “Who’s your daddy?”


how do you hold the nail and release it?

Looking at the pictures and trying to imagine it, I would guess that you start the nail through your sign, get it aligned and then go to work on it…


Thanks Keith,

That looks about right, don’t think i would have figured that one out.

Too bad that don’t have a patent on it. I am going to make one of those for my use.

Looking at the number on their sign, they are in my neck of the woods.

Advertising garage scraps on the net like that, i am sort of embarassed.


btw, where or who do you call in your area to determine if there are any laws against bndt signs? thanks

Dee, just slap a lead end-cap on the PVC pipe and you’re off! ;D

the other pipe has a slit-cut in it to hold the sign. Jeez, if the guy sold it for $12.95 he’d sell more! ::slight_smile:

what would be even better is a high-powered rifle-nail-gun.

You could just stay in your car and while driving by…BAM… sign is on the pole. You’d have to be a good shot though! :smiley: