Anyone Use Realquest?

Hey All,

Wondering if anyone out there uses Realquest?

I do and I was wondering if someone with more experience could help me find good lists for wholesaling using Realquest. I get 5000 free records each month. I just dont know what to put in the system to get good lists.


Investors I know use Real quest once they have addresses for upcoming foreclosure sales to verify what they can about possibly purchasing a property. They use them usually to get a real value on the property. But I’m not sure how up to date they really are with their info. Real quest is more expensive than Zillow but zillow use to come back with lower property values. Also realquest is a subsidary of 1st American title.

Real Quest is very expensive and limits the counties you can get data from, your best bet would be to hook up with a local RE agent in your area and get acces to the MLS.

Zillow is no good for comps most free services are not