Anyone Use for foreclosures?

Ok, I’m brand new at this. I’ve been reading books and forums and am starting to understand REI. I came apon a site that lists foreclosures. Is this a good, decent, great starting point or a waste of time.

Or how about just point me in the right direction for finding a first property. should it be a foreclosure or a realtor listed property, or should I advertise or look for neglected homes??? Just a general next step please. I’m in joliet, IL

I cant say anything about as I never looked at it. Like you I am new, but have been doing my research and buying courses. If you can find out if your courthouse has online website, that may help. or just go there directly and ask them the questions you want to ask. Once you get the name, you might be able to look up the property tax records and proty appraisers site to determine the value of the property. Then run comps.
hope this helps