Anyone tried stickers?

I remember seeing a sticker at a local Arbys. It was under the drive through window and it was there for nearly 2 years before it faded away to nothing. They never seemed to care that it was their and I’m surprised they did not peel it off. It was just for a local band and I have actually seen the same sticker all over town in restrooms, on doors, etc… Has anyone ever used small stickers like these to generate leads. I can asume that most of them would not get ripped off for a while, depending on where you put them. I am just not sure if businesses would start to get pissed and call the number on the sticker and rip me a new one.

I like it. I like post-it notes to.

“Better to ask for forgiveness than permission” – Ron Legrand
“Better to regret what you did than what you didn’t do” – Tony Stewart

I have thought about putting stickers on the back of FSBO signs at Walmart, Lowes, etc. When they buy them they notice the sticker on the back stating that I buy houses, pay cash and close fast, then they call me and I get to see the house before any one else does. Sounds good.