Anyone subscribe to

Is the info comprehensive, reliable and current? Waste of money or good resource?

Thanks for any feedback.

I’ve heard it’s out of date quite frequently. I’ve never used it though.

I have a couple of clients who have subscribed to it in the past. They found that it was, as Rich mentioned, out-of-date. The ywould follow-up and it was already sold, etc.

Save your money. They have a house listed that a friend of mine sold a year ago. In Arizona, they have hundreds of Phoenix homes (Maricopa County) listed in the wrong county.

Most services let you do a free 1-week trial. Yes, I found realty track sucked. Just keep trying them until you find one you like.

Thanks for the feedback.

So what’s the best way to get notification on preforeclosures, auctions, etc?

I’ve tried realtytrac. It has not been successful at all. Its awful. I was getting ready to unsubscribe today. Just thought I would add my comment. I too am looking for a good site.