Anyone see the show Flipping Out on CNBC?

Very strange flipping show…VERY strange.

I’ve seen the show a couple of times. I really can’t stand it though. The only time I will watch it is if there is absolutely nothing else on. The main character is just a homosexual Armando Montelongo (that’s why it was originally on Bravo). It amazes me how he treats people and they still work for him.

Personally, I think that the only reason that the show is on is for more glorification of the homosexual lifestyle. They are trying to push an agenda on America whether we like it or not. Open homosexuality was part of the cause for the fall of Rome and we are headed in the same direction. :help

I’ve never seen someone so strange. The guys telling his assistant what he wants for a drink with lunch and he’s telling her 70% lemonade, 20% fruit punch and 10% Sprite or something that like…insane. He’s got like 5 psychic advisors, wtf?

Hm. Homosexual or not this guy is an idiot. I started to watch one episode and couldn’t get past the first commercial break. If I wanted drama I would invite my two sisters over for dinner!! That show isn’t even about flipping houses.

Jared is right, that show is not about flipping houses. It’s about an eccentric personality and the tag-alongs that work for him. The house flipping is tertiary to the program.

I only saw one episode and all I could keep thinking is how many dollars must this guy bring in just to PAY HIS SIDEKICKS!?

5 psychics
1 spiritual healer (acted like the shamen of an ancient indian tribe, looked like a regular white guy from Beverly Hills)
1 exec assistant
2 house assistants (they just do the stuff the exec assistant won’t like clean the cat’s litter box)
1 housekeeper

I watched the show and later I was talking to somebody that said he was acting strangely. I didn’t realize that he acted funny because he acts just like my wife. What you guys see is my life. I didn’t even know he was gay until he talked about his ex-boyfriend. I thought he was just artsy

I’m hoping for your sake your wife doesn’t act exactly like him, he’s an OCD looney.

I’ve seen the trailers and didn’t bother watching the show. I am of the opinion that all “reality” shows are staged or manipulated to some extent, but that one seemed downright scripted. I also wouldn’t learn a thing about real estate from it.

What is your opinion of the other house-flipping/real estate shows? I take them with a grain of salt.

I love The Real Estate Pros. That’s about it. “Reality” house flipping shows sure as HELL are not my reality!!! At least not yet. I have flipped 4 this year and in 3 out of the 4 the process kicked my a$$. I am still relatively new and learning… someday I want my own show called “Jared gets his a$$ kicked… AGAIN” :biggrin


Actually, I think you’ve got a GREAT idea there. It would be MUCH more entertaining and a better learning experience if the show took ordinary new investors and showed all the ways they screw up. I would nominate the little old lady landlord who had her eviction case heard just before mine this morning. She had not collected any rent for July, August, September, October, or November!!! I couldn’t believe it. Then, the magistrate asked her if she would give the deadbeat a few more days before she filed the writ for the setout and she said YES! UNBELIEVABLE! I should have just offered her 10 cents on the dollar for her house right there in court!


Richard’s show and Holmes on Homes are the only decent shows out there, even though Holmes is a “contractor” show, not flipping…

I’d love to see a show about landlords. Mike could be the host…

That’s kind of the way Property Ladder is. It’s a lot more realistic in showing all of the problems people find, etc. Also, the host (very attractive host, see below) gives the people good advice on how to save themselves money, maximize their return, etc and they almost always ignore her and lose a ton of money. It’s great, shows people what happens when they screw up. I love some of the “investors” on there. Kirsten asks what the budget is for the project, they say something insane like $5k and it ends up being $30k. Then they do something equally retarded and try to recoup the extra by jacking up the price of the house and almost always it doesn’t sell because the price is too high. So you end up seeing the little profit figure on the screen ticking down with each month and each mortgage payment that goes by. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

I’ve tried my hand at filming flips and um… I’d much rather look at her than at me!!! :shocked

Yeah , that’s a pretty good show. It shows more realistic profits. Not this insane, “I’m gonna buy this property for 600k and sell it for 1.3 mil for a potential profit of 700k.” I like when they show the profit dwindle down at the end too. Very realistic showing how holding costs can eat at your profits.

It doesn’t hurt that the host is hot either. :bobble

I haven’t seen what you look like but I’d have to guess that she’s easier on the eyes.

Thanks Rich :anon

Yeah, you keep that bag on or the Vader mask. Don’t want to scare the kiddies.