Anyone purchased David Lindah's apt course?

What did you think of it? Was it worth the almost $900 price tag? Any info is greatly appreciated.



Have you tried searching the archives for your answer?

Type in Lindahl and try some variations. First and last name, name of seminar, etc.

I have the course and I think it is pretty good. I am planning on going to one of the bootcamps eventually. I have been doing rentals for years, but I learned a lot from the course. I purchased a 16-unit building as a result of what I learned, and so far everything is going well with it.

By the way, I sent you a PM…

if you’ve seen one course, you’ve seen them all… a lot of them are just repackaged junk.

do yourself a big favor… go the library and look up books on this stuff… you can save yourself a ton of money and you learn the same thing. also… this is pretty good… cheap + easy read:

Thanks Speedy Word!

I’m using his course…so far it’s very good and much easier to understand than some of the other courses that i have read so far

I have the course, and have used it. It is easy to use, and understand. There is NOT a lot of BS, or get the very last nickle the sellers have kind of info. I used it to buy a 44 unit apartment building. I have been an investor for 20 years and bought a new course every year or two. This one had some info I needed to step up to multi - family.

Hi Cpmorril,

thanks for the reply. I was wondering if the course helped you with downpayment ideas for the 44 unit complex?


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