Anyone offers free reports?

Anyone uses “sell your house in X days”, “stop foreclosure”, or any other type of reports?

I am interested in your results compared to regular marketing. I am thinking of doing the same thing, but before I spend so much money on it, I wanted to see if anyone tried it.

I know gurus recommend it a lot, but I wanted to see if anyone had real experience with it.

I had a bunch of free reports on my site for contact capture. NO ONE filled out the forms!

DougON, how many visitors do you have each month on average?
Where do you advertise the website?
Maybe you aren’t reaching the target audience, that is why no one copmpleted the form…

sniper, I get about 2,000 unique visits per month. Those come from a mix of online and offline marketing and a lot from word of mouth.

Buyers fill out the forms in droves. But sellers don’t. I’ll give you an example… I sent out 350 postcards to sellers in a particular campaign. I got 40 phone calls. And while the hits on my site went up, no one filled out any forms. Not for selling, not for reports, not even for a free email newsletter.

Some more evidence of this is that some of the top producing realtors in the area don’t even mention selling on their websites, they’re set up purely for buyers.

Ultimately it doesn’t really effect my business other than how I make initial contact with sellers (eg. by phone instead of by email), so I don’t worry about it too much. My site is always there so if the trend ever changes to where sellers want to do business by web then that’s fine.

Ok that is good to know. I don’t mind mentioning it in my marketing material, but I won’t run ads spicifcally to solicit requests for the reports

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. Whenever a seller calls me I ask if they’ve been to my website. Every single one says: “No, I haven’t had the time.” So it seems–for my market at least–that when sellers want to get something done with their property they call rather than go to the web.

fadiz, you might want to try audio reports on a toll-free call capture line. The great thing about call capture is that you can call them back even if they don’t leave a message, unlike a website where they HAVE to leave their contact info for you to get in touch with them.

Or you could have them call you and then you get their email address over the phone and send them the report yourself. You can also put them into a drip email campaign to keep your name in front of them.