anyone marketing to attorneys in their area

i want to know if anyone is marketing to attorneys in their area to find motivated sellers. it seems to be a pretty HOT new marketing plan.

what are you doing to get noticed by them.

Some of my clients have worked with real estate attorneys or know them. I ask my clients for the contact info or business card of their RE attorney and I make the call. In the initial call, I let the RE attorney know that I can help benefit the financial situation of their clients, thus making it possible for their clients to remain loyal and financially ready for anything further down the road of legal help. I normally end up with a 50% chance of meeting with the RE attorney and working out a relation.

so you use a referral method for working with attorneys. i am extremely interested in working with divorce attorneys and bankruptcy attorneys. it hit me one day when i went to visit my cousin who lives in Farmington Hills MI (wealthy twnsp in mi) and he told me the house next door to him went at a steal of 290k. he said they had a terrible divorce and that the house ended up in foreclosure at that price. i want to know what do you say to attorneys? how do you market your services to them and are a lot of investors tapping into this segment of the business? i think i can get about 50 leads a month this way and probably close/assign 15-20 of them. what do you think

It sounds like a great source of leads. I will attempt to do that myself. Terell

Does anyone have a sample letter to an attorney I can look at. I’m not sure how to approach them.

As for me, I plan to simply contact them by phone and inquire with them personally or their receptionist to determine if there is an opportunity to do so. terell

Remember: Attorneys never do anything for nothing.

This is from a post I did a while back for getting lead producing contacts. Maybe it will help you to market to attorneys…

Hey Angeline,
I think that letter is straight and to the point. I think I will use it as a basic template for the one I will write. I appreciate the gesture of sharing it with the rest of the group. You’re an asset ti the forum!

Awww Thank you! :redface:

Quick question, Angeline…
How good of a response did you receive after sending this letter to various businesses and agencies? Terell

I haven’t tried it yet actually. To be honest I forgot about it after I posted it - got busy learning other things…

When I wrote it, I had only been learning about investing for about a month and was nowhere close to being ready to get my feet wet.

Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime soon.
Let me know if it works for you.

Will Do!
I’ve already drafted a letter after seeing your post. I’ve prepared seven letters so far to attorneys in the area. My next draft will target contractors and then CPA’s. I’ll let you know how it goes. terell

Cool. I hope it works good for you!

If you are marketing to attorneys you may want your marketing material to look like a summons or subpoena to catch their attention.

i have never seen a summons or a subpoena, where can i get an example of one. gary, aren’t you a doctor? i would think you would easily know how to market to people such as attorneys (doctors and lawyers and such ;D). i am trying to work with my aunt bankruptcy attorney, but he does seem to be really convinced that i can do the deal or rather that the bank will accept my offer, his words were “why would they accept that amount?” so i need to know how to get around challenge questions like that. i think that if i can concisely answer that question, it will open up doors.

Go to Google. Type in “summons”. Click on Images and search the images. When you find the one you want, right-click and download it to your computer.

Frankly, I think the luckiest person in the world is the one who has never met or had to deal with an attorney. Bankruptcy attorneys usually know very little about the fine details of real estate transactions, especially creative ones.

Fellow investors,
The letter that I drafted is simple and to the point. It tells them who i am and what services I may be able to provide to their clients to assist them in their current situation. It breifly descirbes how I do business and states my desire to network with them and their colleagues to establish a relationship that may potentially better service their clients. I understand that attorneys don’t work for free, but all they are doing is making a referal for you. In that respect, if all goes well, you may give them a referal fee> This action shows your credibility and business sense. This could very well lead to other prospects. Terell

I’m just a bird-dog, so I’m not making the big bucks. But how much should I offer an attorney to help me?

Well, that depends on weather or not you are able to close on the deal. Since the attorney only refered the client t you, the a simple gesture of compensation should be sufficient. Find out what the attorney’s hourly rate is and pay them that amount on the referal that you “ACTUALLy CLOSE” Terell