Anyone know wher I can get "We Buy Houses For Cash" signs cheap?

I am looking to get around 100 or more. Thanks

yeah go to and go under specials, sometimes you can get 100 signs at 100 dollars including shipping if your lucky. Good luck

Steve,,,,,  investors from florida use them....

( though I’m not from Florida cause I’m from Philippines) is great! Also, be sure to
look up ALL of your local sign warehouses
in your local area, chances are, there will
be a few located right where you are…

With the local sign warehouses, you can
usually negotiate a good deal.

Also, I prefer blank signs with handwritten
message, this will get your phone to ring
much more, plus it’s more cost effective
than pre-printed signs…

Do most people go with a 12x18 bandit sign or do they get bigger sizes? i’m getting ready to order mine.

I’ve used many times. Not sure how they compare to bandit signs. I like them because shipping is free and they don’t charge for layout/setup.

Some people swear by the “bigger is better rule”. I guess it really depends on how you apply the 12x18 signs. I normally put 12x18 signs on telephone poles at intersections, and I place my 16x24 signs on wooden stakes also at intersections and highway off ramps., I don’t normally like to place big signs on telephone polls, because it just screams for a person to take it down. The 12x18’s normally don’t get messed with as fast.

i just ordered 100 12x18 signs. i’ll see how it works out. my plan is to put them in the 23-35mph zones and see how much response i get.

Don’t forget to get the same made into magnet signs for your car doors. Nobody can take those down.

I know a couple of guys that put signs on an old spare car and leave that parked for an entire day in parking lot, next to the road, where it is visible to traffic. Some of those signs are big sandwich boards.

The shopping center won’t bother the car as long as it isn’t left over night. They have no way of knowing whether or not you are inside shopping.

Of course, the cheap old cars are harder to find, since so many got cashed in for cash for clunkers.

At least 2 local realtors have U-haul type trucks with billboards painted on the side, parked in front of their office, advertising free use of the moving van. Those vans are cheap when they get old, but the paint job would cost you… although not as much as it used to since it’s now adays done with computer grafics and decals.

One other thing I love doing that’s super cheap is buying some white or bright colored poster board, and hand writing the message with sharpies. This can take more time, but it’s amazing how big of a response you can get from this. You can then purchase some nails for telephone poles or wooden stakes and a staple gun to place in the ground. Everything can be purchased from places like Staples and Home Depot. I write like a 2 year old, and tend to get a huge response from this.

Another good source is They have a good selection of sign templates for investors. I just placed an order for 100 12x19 signs with two colors for $174 including shipping. That is a good price.

the owner of seems to be starting up something new and offering free bandit signs (you do have to pay shipping and handling). try


I alway use the 18"x24" Blue & White signs they are easiest to read in traffic going about 45-50 mph and easy to see at a distance. 12"x18" size signs, I would put them around stop signs and in and around shopping plaza