Anyone know of a direct lender in Cali

Does anyone know of a direct wholesale lender who might be offering 'stated 95%" loans in California?

is this for residential or commercial?


Wholesale lenders do not deal directly with the public. Some of them have or had retail branches such as Aurora or Countrywide. When you say you are looking for a direct lender do you mean a lender that has a line of their own products to sell or just someone who is not strictly a broker? Please advise.

I work for a broker. So if I can locate a direct lender who we can br0ker through that would be great.

Broker Outpost would be a better place for you to look for wholesale lenders. This site is more geared for investment advice. You will probably have a lot more look there than here.

You are going to be hard-pressed to find a stated 95 LTV loan provider—good luck!


Scott Miller