Anyone know any way to gather private lendors for a business startup

I got a friend who needs 75,000 for a business startup. if anyone is interested in pm-ing me please feel free.

this guy has about 12,000 of his own dollars and also has land to put up for collateral

i just noticed the title and changed

didnt work; “anyone know how to approach private lendors for a business startup,” should be the title.

Friends and family are a place to start. They might have enough in a retirement plan and can invest through a self-directed IRA.

I’m assuming this is not a RE business. An SBA loa may be possible.

I would think one of the first things you would want to do is draw up a business plan. If you (or your friend) wants other people to hand over money for a business idea, it would be nice for your potential investors to see a well thought out plan with realistic goals and justification of a need for that particular business in that area.

He already has a great business plan with 12 years experience in the industry. thanks for your input

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