Anyone know an easy way to find fsbo's

Outside of physically driving by? Seems impossible to determine if a prop is fsbo based on the newspaper without calling all of them. Ideally, I would like be able to pull 50 - 100 listing within a metro area at one time.

Thanks in advance

does your newspapers have a FSBO catagorie ?
Also try

I had a subscription from Warnocks ( for a while which sounds like what you want. They send you a list of FSBOs for a given county via email. It includes all the FSBOs advertized in the various papers for that area. It cost me $39/mo. and I got two counties on a special they had.


Exactly what I was looking for - thank you


Hi Chris,

Was this service for you worth the fee, was to information received up to date and valid. Has anyone had any experience with they cover a few states thanks


Honestly… the best way to find a FSBO is to cntact a realtor,and the reason is because they are the ones trying to get them to list their property with them.
I know this because I’m a realtor and that is what I do more than anything, find FSBO’s and get them to list with me!! 8)


If a property is advertised and there is no broker/agent name in the ad, I think you can safely assume that it’s a FSBO ad. RE agents and brokers are required to include the brokerage name in the property ad–at least in PA they are.

You are right about RE agents and advertising their broker when taking a listing, it is required by law in ohio as well. But there are agent s working to list fsbo’s as well. They would have a pretty good handle on whats up in their area as far as fsbo’s are concerned.

I tried realtors and they would not give me any info , they basically said if they don’t have that info ? >:( but then california has a tough market and sooo many realtors 12-15 states covered.

Yes, the best way to locate FSBOs is through the local newspapers, for those people. They have to advertise, since they’re trying to handle the deal on their own, without the help of an agent/broker.

I’m also an agent and that’s the method we use to locate FSBO’s.

But then again, there’s no harm in contacting an agent in your area who would be willing to help you, by providing you a list of properties availabe in the area, and price range you’re looking for. You know what you want, and as long as you don’t sign any buyer’s agreements or contracts with the agent, the information is yours.

Now, if you’re an agent, you can use the MLS system to your benefit, as far as CMA’s, sales history on the property, days on market, which really comes in handy when negotiating price.