Anyone investing in Tucson, Arizona?

Just curious. I am, and it has somewhat been profitable so far, the beginning of what is to come.

have some in Phoenix not Tucson thought about it though!

We looked hard at Tucson RE but found it too pricey. Please understand, I’m not an authority on these matters but have been through a number of REI and stock market bubbles, and this sure looks like one to me.

I think this summer might bring a dose of reality to a number of new retiree Tucson-ites… the heat there during the summer is UNREAL and the pretty green carpet of the unusually wet winter will turn to brown and, in places, will catch fire and burn everything around it. We talked to one couple who had spent a couple of summers there, and could hardly WAIT to move “back home” which was back east.

Another concern is the water (or lack of it) and sewer (or lack of it) systems in the outlying areas of Tucson. Be especially careful of a property that has no access to city water and depends on a well. Get the well checked and not by an ordinary home inspector.

I really liked the area to the west of Tucson near the Natural History Museum. I don’t remember the name of the road right now, but there’s a little bit older neighborhood just south of the museum that’s all brick houses on fair sized lots. There wasn’t anything for sale there at the time we visited so I didn’t really get to see them. Anything up towards the rocks (oro valley area) was stupid-expensive, and I had to keep reminding myself, “this lovely development was built on what was formerly considered to be one of the most inhospitable areas on earth”…lol…

There’s also the Sonoita area, down near the border. Have you checked that area out? It’s very spacious, not too pricey (especially for acreage) and not too far from Tucson for a commute.


Are you talking about Valencia Road, near the Sun Casino? There are multiple master planned communities being built there.