Anyone in VA ever evict a tenant?

I figure worse case would be an eviction of my tenant. Anyone ever done it in Virginia? Please share your stories if you have. Thanks! :cool

I evict on a regular basis. Worst case scenario in VA is that you get to court, the judge says to the tenant, sir… do you contest this eviction. They say Huh, what is that? The judge says well, if you disagree or contest this eviction we will set a court date in a couple of months where you will come back and present to the court evidence why you don’t owe the landlord money. They happily say YES, I Contest and then they live in your house for another 2 months rent free and don’t show up to the final court hearing.

On day 5 give them notice to move if they have not paid. On the 10th go file your paperwork for eviction. No slack, no excuses. You will be taken advantage of. I promise.