anyone here handy with a BAII financial calculator? having lots of trouble...

if anyone uses the basic TI business calc, can you explain to me how I would compute a net present value of a series of uneven future cash flows?

I know how to enter the cash flows into the calc, but once they’re in I have no idea how to get my npv from it… getting really frustrated and i seem to be the only one in the world who is not outside enjoying the fourth, but inside working on problems like a dork

(and what is that field that has a ‘1’, between every cash flow you enter? That’s driving me nuts too)

are there no answers because that is a dumb, simple investing question, or because people here don’t use the BAII calculator?

guess i thought because that is an extremely popular financial calculator, and this is an investing website, that would have been answered after it got a few hits…

I use the BaII Plus Professional for Mortgage Note cash flow analysis. Not sure if it is the same as your model but after entering the Discount Rate (i.e. the “I”) pressing the down arrow and then CPT gives me the NPV.

Hope this helps :),

yuuuup… nice, i didn’t realize to scroll down, once i entered my disc. rate i just hit compute or npv, and couldn’t get anything

and the 'f’s i was talking about, between each cashflow field, were the ‘frequencies’ of their respective cash flows.