anyone here from Houston TX ?

i am just wondering how the renter market over there? i am planning to buy a house in Katy area. paying $102K + 3000 in repairs.

My real estate agent said, it will rent for $1100. i am not sure this is really true. i just want to confirm it with the professionals here.


I live in Houston. The agent was pretty much correct about the rents in Katy. $1100-1250 is pretty common for a house as you describe.

BTW, I am a NEWBIE here and plan on investing in some rent houses and doing some “flipping”. This is a great site!

Hey Skeeter,( reminds me of this one cartoon)

i was wondering what the Vacancy rate over there? a lot of people rent?
i am afarid that it will not able to rent.

good luck

Sorry, I misunderstood you.

go to Under “find home”, select house type and rentals. You’ll see many listings.

What size is your house for rent??

mine is 2600SF, in Katy area.

Get any info on rental rate in the area?

I’m also to buy in the area, but curious about ability to rent. There appear to be many houses available.

Where are you from? Sounds like you’re from Houston.

no, i am from CA. From my understanding and research vancancy rate is high due to the job market. realtor said it should rent for $1000-1100 but i am not taking her word for it.

Are you looking at any other cities in TX, like San Antonior or Austin?