Anyone here ever speak with postal workers for leads? Please critique my plan

I’m thinking of visiting a few of the post offices in my area and speaking with postal workers about referrals. Basically my plan would be to pay postal workers 1-2 dollars for each vacant address they bring to me and taking it a step further I would pay them 500-1000 dollars for every home that I can close on. I’ve never done this kind of marketing before but it seems like it might have the potential to produce good results. I’m sure postal workers see vacant homes constantly, they probably know who moves in and out of the neighborhood and they may have other information too that could lead to potential deals.

I spent an hour or so last night putting together what I call a “Referral Guideline Sheet” which basically explains my referral paying process and what type of homes I’m interested in. I plan on emailing or giving this sheet out to anyone who’s interested in working for me.

Has anyone here had success with working with mailmen? Do you think my plan is a sound one? or should I make some changes to it?

Thanks for your advice

I am guessing that they are not technically allowed to do this. Having said that, there are those that will. I approached a letter carrier about this just last week, and he gave me an address to a great vacant house. I called the owner, and he had just sold it. Too late.

I would not worry about the 1-2 dollars per address. It’s not going to be much money for them, and it’s going to be a nightmare for you to administer.

Without sounding like a jerk, I think you will have more luck with refuse company drivers (a/k/a garbage men) than letter carriers. First of all, a garbage man probably covers more ground than a letter carrier (he sees the same house 1-2x per week, so preumably he sees more houses). Also, these workers are probably far more likely to be receptive to your offer.

Thanks for the reply Paul, I’ll take that info under advisement. I like the idea of speaking with garbage men, I’m sure they see vacant homes quite a bit too.

what a brilliant idea! Garbage men. And only $1-$2 per address? Come on!! you can do better than that!